Recently I sat down with one of CrossCity’s very own, Ella Wheeler. Ella started attending CrossCity her sophomore year of High School, and quickly became one of our most dedicated attenders and volunteers. When asking Ella to share a brief testimony, this was what she stated: “I remember accepting Jesus in my heart at a super young age. I don’t remember a time where I never had Jesus in my life. It’s such a testament of God’s faithfulness that even when I’ve broken a testament with Him, He’s been there the whole time. I’ve spent the last few years seeking Him out and getting closer to knowing God. CrossCity has been a huge part of helping me build a close community with other Christian girls. My biggest goal the last five years has been learning how to not be lukewarm. To not labor in vain, and to seek God out even in the mundane. Something I’ve noticed about being in pre-med- it’s easy to put God at the back burner; recently I’ve really grown in learning how to prioritize God. Everything is worthless if I’m not working for the Lord. I’m asking God to help me prepare for trials that will come working in missions, as well as continuing to press on in faith.” 

Having just experienced her first year at UCSD (University of California San Diego) studying Pre-Med, Ella quickly fell into a “missional” role as President of UCSD Chapter for GMMA (Global Medical Missions Alliance). GMMA is a non-profit whose focus is to “awaken and mobilize Christ-passionate healthcare workers to join in God’s Kingdom work, and to network with others who are already in the mission fields.” Their motto: Global is our destination. Medical Mission is our DNA. Alliance is our strategy.” 

Ella started serving with this organization as a member, and went with them to Honduras on a medical mission trip over spring break her first year of college. “Next school year I’ll be starting as President. When in Honduras, I knew I wanted to apply for a position on the board because everyone was graduating. I was talking to the woman that oversees all the missions, and she encouraged me not to limit myself to something small. I prayed about it and applied as President! One thing GMMA is really focused on is community development, they really emphasize that aspect, so we’re not just going for a week, serving, then leaving; but doing so in a way that’s beneficial and long lasting for them and their community. We have Doctors and medical staff to help with basic medical needs and care. One example is we gave partial funds for a water tank, and then sent a team to help with the rest of the funding and building of it so that they learn impactful tasks to help support their economy.” 

When asked how God has been moving and showing Himself to Ella in this new role, this was her response: “God has been revealing His heart for the nations to me. To break my heart for what breaks His. My chapter doesn’t do the 10/40 window, but my heart has been heavy for those people. Being a part of an organization that goes for the desperate and the weary, I’m proud to be a part of something bigger than myself. Get plugged in to some kind of organization with a global basis, because you can’t do things on your own. So get plugged in with people, and learn to use the skills God has already given you to serve somewhere globally.” 

What an encouragement to have one of our own CrossCity members making such an impact at her school, and around the world. Let’s go and be like Ella!